SingFit STUDIO Caregiver
Training Videos

Module 1.1 - Welcome

Discover the benefits of SingFit and learn about the science that supports singing! (6 min)

Module 1.2 - Introduction to the SingFit Program

Get introduced to the lyric coach and watch an example clip of a real SingFit session. (5 ½ min)

Module 2 - The SingFit Technology

Get out your SingFit app & follow along while learning to navigate the app. (8 min)

Module 3 - Starting the Session
& the RePEAAT Protocol

Facilitate SingFit sessions with ease after learning how to use our proprietary RePEAAT Protocol. (16 ½ min)

Module 4 - Therapeutic Strategies

Learn the therapeutic strategies that will ensure the success of your SingFit session. (13 min)