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Engage Your Clients with Music

SingFit STUDIO Pro is a music-based engagement tool for rehab therapists

Use music to improve mood and progress 
clients towards care plan goals

How Does SingFit Work

SingFit STUDIO Pro is a one-on-one therapeutic singing intervention 
It allows therapists to easily use music as an affective therapeutic tool

App and library with 500+ popular songs 

Music therapist-designed protocols and therapeutic strategies

No Previous Musical Skill Required

SingFit is Designed for SLPs and OTs

SingFit STUDIO Pro is most effective with clients aged 55+ who have cognitive decline and dementia (mild to advanced), aphasia as well as other speech and language disorders/challenges, and Parkinson’s

Engage with clients demonstrating challenges with:





low self-esteem


low energy


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*Currently available only in the United States

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