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Visit the App Store or Google Play store on your mobile device to download SingFit STUDIO. Your login information was sent to you via email.

Click here to watch instructional videos that will teach you how to engage your loved one in singing their favorite songs. (Tech tutorial and example clips from real SingFit sessions are included.)

Check out this FAQ to get some of your questions answered about the SingFit app, tablet, or speakers. If you need additional help, please email

Check out this FAQ for common questions asked by caregivers who use SingFit with their loved one.
If you would like to speak to the SingFit clinical team directly, please email or call us at (323) 677-2575.


Chelsea & Gram Grams - Moving and Smilin

"We laughed a lot during the SingFit session - he was a different person totally. I'm so grateful for these memories. I can’t wait to tell my kids to try this." 

Jeanne, Caregiver of her husband with dementia