Empower your community's team with musical tools 
to transform the lives 
of your residents!

(No previous musical experience required!)

Want to learn about the turnkey magic of SingFit PRIME? Watch this five minute video.

  • Evidence-based therapeutic
    music made simple


  • Turnkey solution for
    memory care assisted 
    and independent living


  • Easy-to-use self-paced
    online training


  • Clients report mood elevation for people with dementia from 42% to 82%

"We have been using SingFit PRIME for almost (four) years now both with our memory care and assisted living residents. Both groups get immense benefits from the program. For our residents with dementia we see a decrease in agitation, an elevation of mood and an increase in socialization when they participate in SingFit. To be able to manage mood without drugs means a lot to the families and since social isolation is a predictor of rapid decline, keeping residents engaged and active is a top priority for Aegis Living."

— Chris C.



E-Mail: Sing@SingFit.com

Phone: 323-677-2575

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