At Musical Health Technologies, AKA SingFit, we’ve created a technology platform that dramatically expands the ability of people to access the proven benefits of therapeutic music to improve their health.


Our current  mission is to create robust lives for people as they age through intentful application of prescribed singing. We empower healthcare professionals, love economy caregivers and individuals themselves to utilize music as medicine on a mass scale for the first time in history. Our SingFit PRIME solution is currently in use at more than 450 senior living communities, hospitals, adult day programs and skilled nursing facilities to improve the health and quality of life for people with dementia. 


MHT’s core values include commitments to: 


  • Innovate and standardize the mass distribution of music as effective medicine

  • Provide person-centered care

  • Democratize high quality healthcare through technology


MHT was founded by the brother/sister team of Andy Tubman, a certified Music Therapist, and Rachel Francine, a technology industry veteran, based on an idea their inventor/opera-singing father, Lou Tubman, had in the mid-60s. It took decades for the technology infrastructure to catch up with Lou’s vision, but now that it has, Musical Health Technologies is rapidly bringing therapeutic music to the world.


"By the time the group at OPICA finishes their 45-minute singing session, nearly all are fully engaged to a degree that’s rare among patients with advanced Alzheimer’s or dementia. During the final song, “New York, New York,” one man begins to weep; most join Tubman in forming a seated but enthusiastic kick line. As the group disperses, another man laments that the session is ending before they got to his favorite city, then bursts into an impromptu rendition of another geographic Sinatra classic, “Chicago.” Read the full feature here.




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