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SingFit PRIME Engages Your Residents with Music & More

SingFit PRIME is an easy to use, full-body therapeutic singing program for long-term care staff to engage their residents in groups.

What a SingFit PRIME Session Looks Like

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"Residents who hardly talk will sing along to songs with SingFit! I have also found that if a resident is agitated, SingFit can calm them."

— Chris S., Life Enrichment Director


"From the first song you’re seeing the engagement, and it keeps building… and as they walk out, they’re all talking to each other."

— Pam M., Activities Director

The SingFit PRIME Toolkit Has It All


SingFit PRIME App and Music Library

The app includes hundreds of playlists that are tailored specifically for your participants’ age and musical preferences. From Elvis Presley to Etta James to Frank Sinatra, each song includes a unique lyric coach so that everyone, even those with dementia, can joyfully participate.

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12 Playlist Booklets Each Quarter

Our scripted booklets include music, trivia, movements and more! It’s never been easier to run consistent therapeutic music sessions on a regular basis. We send you new booklets every quarter to keep the content fresh and your residents engaged.


Unlimited Online Training

SingFit PRIME online training makes it easy for anyone to use therapeutic music, regardless of prior musical experience! Get current or new staff trained at a time that fits their schedule.

Additional Toolkit Items

Designed by music therapists, the SingFit PRIME toolkit includes shakers, scarves, high quality speakers, and more to further maximize the cognitive and physical benefits of the program. Our amazing customer service team is here to support you every step of the way.

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Think Your Residents Can Benefit Like Thousands of Others Using SingFit PRIME?


Singing is one of the only activities proven to activate and exercise every part of the brain. 


Actively singing helps to positively regulate our levels of mood-elevating, depression-reducing neurochemicals.


Social isolation can lead to a variety of health concerns. SingFit promotes engagement in a shared experience.

The Science Behind SingFit


Increase in Resident


Communities Using


Reduction in Resident Anti-Anxiety Medication


SingFit Certified Facilitators


Of Staff Experience Improved Job Satisfaction


Older Adults

SingFit Users Report:

“Our residents love SingFit. The residents not only love the music, but also show favor towards the shakers and scarves as well. I end up extending SingFit longer than planned. It is amazing to watch the residents become involved – I love SingFit!”

—  Vanessa King Love, Life Enrichment Director at Aegis of Northgate

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