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An award-winning therapeutic music solution, SingFit™ PRIME is created specifically for older adults in senior-living communities, adult day programs, and skilled-nursing facilities. The unique Lyric Coach means even those with dementia can joyfully take part in the turnkey SingFit PRIME sessions. SingFit™ PRIME is a turnkey solution that allows even those with no musical experience to facilitate therapeutic group activities, tailored specifically for their participants’ age and musical tastes as well as cognitive and physical health.

Watch the video below and see how music is medicine with SingFit™ PRIME

Benefits for Participants

Our clients report that participants in SingFit PRIME experience a 42% to 82% mood elevation and a 40% reduction in anti-anxiety medication. For those with dementia, participation can bring about a reduction in disruptive behaviors and increased speech.

Benefits for Facilitators

In a survey of the more than 1,400 SingFit PRIME facilitators, 92% said SingFit PRIME made their job more fulfilling and 100% said SingFit PRIME provides positive benefits for the participants.

What's Included with SingFit PRIME?

SingFit™ PRIME Toolkit with speakers, percussion, movement props, and storage case

SingFit™ PRIME App

(tablet not included)

Unlimited Support from
the SingFit™ Team

Turnkey Programming Curated by

SingFit™ Music Therapists

Award-Winning SingFit™ PRIME
Online Training Program

SingFit™ PRIME
Operations Playbook

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Communities Using SingFit


SingFit Certified Facilitators





Singing is one of the only activities proven to activate and exercise every part of the brain. 


Actively singing helps to positively regulate our levels of mood-elevating, depression-reducing neurochemicals.


Social isolation can lead to a variety of health concerns. SingFit promotes engagement in a shared experience.

Clients report participants experience a


rate of mood


Clients report participants experience a


reduction in anti-anxiety medication


of SingFit Certified facilitators surveyed report improved job satisfaction

“Our residents love SingFit. The residents not only love the music, but also show favor towards the shakers and scarves as well. I end up extending SingFit longer than planned. It is amazing to watch the residents become involved – I love SingFit!”

—  Vanessa King Love, Life Enrichment Director at Aegis of Northgate

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