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Transforming Health through Music

SingFit STUDIO Caregiver is a therapeutic music platform for caregivers to improve cognitive health, communication, and well-being in individuals with dementia and other health conditions.

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Hear how SingFit transformed Jeanne and Steve's lives.

Only $11.99/month

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How SingFit STUDIO
Caregiver Works

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Innovative Technology

Therapeutic algorithms deliver the right music to your participant, tailored to their age, health condition, and goals.

Bring joy and laughter back

SingFit STUDIO Caregiver uses personalized music and singing to improve mood, bring back memories, and meaningful connection.

Personalized to health condition

Individualized content at the click of a button matches cognitive and psychological needs of those with cognitive impairment.

Singing made easy

SingFit's built-in lyric prompter enables anyone to sing successfully without having to read or remember the lyrics.

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SingFit unlocks joy & laughter while improving emotional health. 


SingFit makes it easy to connect with your loved one through singing and sharing memories.


Singing has proven benefits for brain health and communication.

Only $11.99/month

SingFit STUDIO Caregiver Provides:

  • The joy of connecting through music

  • A musical prescription for specific health conditions 

  • Personalized program for participant’s unique cognitive abilities 

  • Neuroscience-based algorithms

  • Shareable memories through song-recording

  • Easy to use app - no formal training required

  • Available on most iOS and Android devices

  • Amazing Customer Support

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