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Clinical Safety

Clinical Safety of SingFit

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The clinical safety of our products is of paramount importance to us at SingFit. We conduct continuous development of our products which includes periodic review against current clinical guidelines. A dedicated interdisciplinary team and advisory board, including music therapists and other healthcare professionals, ensures alignment with evidence-based practices. When appropriate, products are updated to incorporate new research findings and outdated processes/information are retired.


Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) Certification

The DTAC are a set of UK-based standards to evaluate the suitability of digital health technologies in healthcare and social services settings.  SingFit STUDIO was assessed in 5 key areas to ensure our platform is safe, effective, and accessible: Clinical Safety, Data Protection, Technical Security, Interoperability, and Usability and Accessibility.  By meeting DTAC requirements, we expand our reach to National Health Service (NHS) institutions, the publicly funded healthcare system in the UK.  Most importantly, obtaining DTAC certification demonstrates our commitment to fostering trust and confidence in our platform.

DCB0129 and DCB0160 Compliance

Our Clinical Safety Management File contains several documents to comply with DCB0129 and DCB0160 standards:

Clinical Risk Management System - Outlines the processes to be followed to ensure SingFit is developed, implemented, and used in a safe manner.

Clinical Risk Management Plan - Identifies clinical risk management activities to be employed during the development, implementation, and use of SingFit.
Clinical Safety Case Report - Describes SingFit’s clinical safety processes and assurances.
Hazard Log - Describes SingFit’s clinical safety processes and assurances.

Clinical Safety Officer 

The CSO is responsible for clinical safety of the SingFit, through the application of clinical risk management procedures. SingFit’s NHS digitally trained Clinical Safety Officer is: 

Dr. Jennifer Myers, CCC-SLP

Senior Product Manager

Licensed and Certified Speech-Language Pathologist, MD #06978

Customer Performance Report

Our Customer Performance Report aims to provide a general analysis of key metrics related to customer satisfaction and support. The data presented reflects the performance of our STUDIO products and services.

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