Engage Your Clients with Music

SingFit STUDIO Pro is a music-based engagement tool for rehab therapists

Use music to improve mood and facilitate progress towards client care plan goals

Designed to engage older adults with cognitive decline

How Does SingFit Work

 SingFit STUDIO Pro is an app-based engagement tool that uses music to validate and motivate clients during therapeutic intervention

The app features specially curated playlists containing hit songs from the 1920s-1970s

 Music therapist-designed protocols make it easy to create customized singing experiences for your clients. No previous musical skills required!

SingFit is Designed for Rehab Therapists




narrative speech

auditory memory


word production


SingFit STUDIO Pro is most effective with clients aged 55+ who have cognitive decline or dementia, aphasia or other speech and language challenges

The SingFit lyric-coach prompter enables anyone to sing without having to read or remember the lyrics.

Engage clients demonstrating challenges with:


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SingFit Certified Facilitators




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SingFit Studio Pro is priced at $9.99 per month, to redeem your free 30-day trial of SingFit PRO, simply fill out the fields below. No Credit Card required.

*Currently available only in the United States

What Is Your Occupation?

SingFit STUDIO Pro Includes: 

SingFit STUDIO Mobile App 

500+ Curated Song Library

Music therapist-designed protocols

A set of therapeutic strategies 
1-hour online training

Coding/Reimbursement Guide

Technical/Clinical Support

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SingFit STUDIO Pro 


Singing is a bi-hemispheric exercise that supports speech and communication and exercises long term memory.


Actively singing helps to positively regulate our levels of mood-elevating, depression-reducing neurochemicals.


Singing promotes motivation, movement and speech leading to improved therapeutic outcomes.

Clinicians report participants experience a


improvement in mood

Clinicians report participants experience a


 increase in engagement


of SingFit Certified facilitators surveyed report improved job satisfaction

“Typically her vocal volume is pretty low (in decibels)... her voice is spasmotic” - but when she was singing it was much more fluent and the spasms decreased...I thought this was a godsend for her: all of a sudden her voice got stronger, while she was singing”

—  Kim O, Speech Language Pathologist

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