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“SingFit has gotten some of our [memory care] residents who don't care for exercise to become really involved because it pairs movement with music. It's more fun than your standard exercise routine. I think what also helps is the information regarding the music theme. They're actively listening, singing along, and moving. It's just a really nice fit!”

— Alyssa M., Life Enrichment Director, Brandywine Living at the Sycamore

"Now that we have been doing SingFit sessions for about 7 weeks, I can give you an update. I have been conducting the classes myself. We are having a blast with it. The residents are really enjoying it. We do the trivia, the movements, we have great discussions and great laughter, then we break into song. My residents just can't get the concept of raising their hand before giving the answer to the trivia; they just yell out the answer or they raise their hand and yell out the answer at the same time, so it's an ongoing joke and lots of laughter for them. They all say they can't help themselves. Now when they come in, they’re asking when's the next SingFit [session]. Another thing I have a challenge with is the residents who have been coming want to come all the time. I have a census of 214 residents at our facility so I am glad I started with 10 and those who love it continue, and then we add one to two new residents each session. 


I have worked for Hale Makua for 45 years. I play the ukulele and have always had music as part of our activities and sing alongs. I am enjoying the format that you all have put together. I will be retiring in July and am really considering to become a volunteer when I leave, just to come in and do SingFit. We have a great time. Thank you to all of you at SingFit.”

— Teresa Lopes, Activities Director, Hale Makua Health Services Kahului

“After our Mardi Gras party, we transitioned right into a spontaneous SingFit session. Residents and their families were dancing and singing – everyone was having an amazing time."

— PJ Koshi - Life Enrichment Director at Aegis Callahan House 

“Residents who are usually not interactive are singing and following along. Thanks for a great program! You and your staff are changing lives.”

— Kristin Purcha - Program Services Director at Villa Valencia, 5 STAR 

“Our residents love SingFit. The residents not only love the music, but also show favor towards the shakers and scarves as well. I end up extending SingFit longer than planned. It is amazing to watch the residents become involved – I love SingFit!”

— Vanessa King Love - Life Enrichment Director at Aegis of Northgate 

“Some residents who hardly talk sing along to songs with SingFit. I have also found that if a resident is agitated, SingFit can calm them.”

— Chris Saario - Memory Care Life Enrichment Director at Aegis of Marymoor 


“A room bound resident joined the SingFit session yesterday and made me very happy – this was such a positive from SingFit.”

— Donna George, Director of Programming at Front Porch - Claremont Manor 


“Our nurses said we have a whole group of participants that they need to give medications in order to control their anxieties and their aggressiveness, and as long as they participate in the SingFit sessions, they no longer need the medication.”

— Inna Berger, President, CEO and Co-Founder Oxnard Family Circle 


“From the first song—right—you’re seeing the engagement, and it keeps building…and as they walk out, they’re all talking to each other. They’re very social and they’re talking about the songs that they love. They walk out of the room actually still singing.”

— Pam Markovich, Activities Director, Aegis Dana Point, CA 


“An effective, low-cost solution to dementia care.”

— Kari Olsen, VP Innovation, Front Porch Senior Living 


“We see that quality of life definitely changes. We don’t see him in pain…that went away just because he was singing; he was really involved in the program.”

— Katy Krul, Director of Operations, Oxnard Family Circle 


“Some people who have really limited social skills have been interacting with one another…as you can see with the group, some of them are holding hands.”

— Maria Owens, Medical Social Worker, Oxnard Family Circle 


“The energy shifts when everybody is singing. And some of them can’t have verbal communication, but they’ll tap their feet…and in a way they’re all participating in something. The mood shifts when there’s music.”

— Teresa Alonso, Certified Nurse Assistant, Oxnard Family Circle 

“I think SingFit is really clever. I love it. Singing makes you feel alive. Sometimes you are the only one left in your family and you are lonely. Music fixes that. It really does.”

— Betts Hall, age 87, former Hollenbeck Palms Activity Director and SingFit PRIME singer


“As a physician, I wholeheartedly recommend singing with SingFit PRIME as a way to improve the health and wellness of seniors through active engagement in music.”

— Dr. Geraldine Branch, M.D., age 104, retired family-planning doctor, public-health official and SingFit PRIME singer 

“I just feel good all over when I sing. I would recommend SingFit because it is such a good feeling to sing together.”

— Rosemary Jewel, age 90, retired ballroom dancer and SingFit PRIME singer 

“SingFit has positively affected our program. It has been transformative. There was an unmet need for our lower functioning folks. There aren’t other programs that offer this caliber of music program. Because they are singing the songs in its entirety, there’s a sense of accomplishment. It builds their confidence.”

— Sara Kaye, Director at OPICA Adult Day Care in Santa Monica, CA


“We’ve chosen people to come in because they have difficulty communicating and joining the main groups. As the sessions have progressed, they have become more involved and it brings out their character. It promotes a joyful, shared experience.”

— Daniel O’Connell, Social Work Intern, OPICA Adult Day Care in Santa Monica, CA 


“I’d like PRIME sessions to take place all the time, as often as we can have them. The music is from our time. It makes people happier. You see the smile on their faces. I would recommend it to anybody. The lyrics being spoken to us are out of this world.”

— Irving Shortage 99, retired china and porcelain painter and SingFit PRIME singer


“I do believe that singing together is a social event. Without even being aware of it, many benefits come such as fun, friendships, social skills, opportunities to express emotion, show off or be recognized for abilities. Singing brings self-confidence; helps with stress release, concentration and focus; and helps with short- and long-term memory recall.”

— Dennis Hiebert, Hollenbeck Palms Activities Coordinator

"For Med B patients, before SingFit STUDIO Pro, I hardly ever went over 4 weeks of sessions (about 8 to 12 sessions) with a client, now with SingFit STUDIO Pro, I am seeing patients for 10 - 20 sessions."

—Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) about her clients with Moderate and Moderately Severe Dementia

“Julia gives me the best stories whenever we use SingFit. Songs reminded her of earlier times. Julia’s mood really did change after the session...I asked how the music helped and she said, ’I just felt so able.’ After another session, Julia even reported, ‘I feel so good. Did we really do therapy?’”

—Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) about her client with Mild Cognitive Impairment

“By session 2 her volume increased 20 decibels, both while singing and conversing after the song. No other activity has ever made her have this (spontaneous) response.”

- Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) about her client with Parkinson's Disease and Moderate Dementia

“My client can speak in full sentences but most of it is unintelligible. But after one of the SF songs, she was speaking in full sentences and was intelligible.”

- Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) about her client with Severe Dementia and Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA)

“When singing with SingFit, we get 300 words in no time at all. Whereas normally with just speaking, Tony will only say 100 effortful words in total for the whole day. The quantity of words that the clients are producing while singing is helping the brain retrieve the vocabulary when they're not singing.”

- Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) about her client with Broca's Aphasia


"SingFit STUDIO Pro encouraged my clients to engage with the session and do a little more with things that were hard for them."

- Eric O, Occupational Therapist (OT) on using SingFit with his long term clients


"SingFit is stimulating and is something he enjoys. Having that enjoyment in the session gives him something to look forward to."

-Occupational Therapist (OT) on using SingFit with a client with Moderate to Severe Dementia

"You’ve given me tools that have impacted my understanding of how I can interact with my husband for the rest of my life.”

- Jeanne, about using SingFit STUDIO Caregiver with her husband Steve with dementia,

"I’m so happy I learned of the SingFit STUDIO Caregiver program. It’s been life changing."

- Laina, Caregiver of her mom with Mild Dementia

"I think [my husband’s] mood is more stable...In fact, he will say 'I think I'm coming back.' He's feeling more like himself. And I think this is really good."

- Jan P, Caregiver for her husband with MCI

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