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SingFit's Inclusivity
Neighborhood Grant (S.I.N.G.) 

The mission of SingFit’s Inclusivity Neighborhood Grant is to increase the availability and accessibility of therapeutic music to priority communities
for cognitive health and wellness.


Through our S.I.N.G. Initiative, SingFit will provide up to 3 eligible community-based nonprofit organizations a free 12-month subscription to either the SingFit STUDIO digital health platform or SingFit TV solution.  Interested community organizations will have the opportunity to complete a 2-phase application which consists of a short application and interview. Applications are open annually from November 1st-30th in recognition of Alzheimer's Awareness Month.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Community-based nonprofit

  • Primarily serves high-risk populations for cognitive decline (see below)

  • Primarily serves older adults 55+

Applications are now closed. Applications will open November 1, 2024. 

SingFit Products
Eligible for S.I.N.G.


SingFit STUDIO dynamically improves cognitive health and well-being through personalized therapeutic music. STUDIO is designed for rehab therapists or caregivers to engage in therapeutic singing and conversation with older adults experiencing cognitive impairment. 

SingFit TV

SingFit TV provides streaming episodes that can be watched anytime, anywhere from your internet-connected device. Each SingFit TV episode consists of a six-song SingFit session complete with trivia, reminiscence elements and movements.

"Studies have demonstrated ways music therapy can successfully protect several specific cognitive domains—including autobiographical and episodic memories, psychomotor speed, executive function—and overall global cognition in people with Alzheimer’s disease. One solution, SingFit, actually draws upon this science, while leveraging novel technology and innovations, to make the benefits of music therapy widely available, uniquely engaging, and positively impactful for people with dementia."

-Dr. Scott Kaiser, Geriatrician and

Director of Geriatric Cognitive Health

Lean more S.I.N.G.

Learn more about S.I.N.G.

SingFit STUDIO and TV requires internet, smartphone or tablet, and speaker. Necessary equipment (i.e., tablet, speaker) can be provided if needed. 

Application Process

Phase 1: Application

Our short application will require your organization’s EIN as well as a description of your organization, the community you serve, and the impact therapeutic music would have on your organization. 

We hope to partner with organizations that serve: 


  • Older adults (55+)

  • Individuals with low Socioeconomic Status

  • Individuals from minoritized ethnic and racial groups 

  • Individuals with minoritized sexual identities

  • Individuals with limited education

  • Individuals with disabilities

  • Rural-residing individuals


Phase 2: 30-minute Interview

This short interview will provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your community’s need and fit with the S.I.N.G. initiative. 


Up to 3 organizations will be selected based on population(s) served, need, and anticipated benefit.


Grant Requirements

Grant Recipients will be required to provide the following: 

  • Quarterly Check-Ins include a short report on SingFit usage, and an app experience survey. 

  • Final Report - a one page summary of the organization’s experience and use of SingFit, its impact to the community, and a final app survey. 


If you have any questions about S.I.N.G or the application process, please contact the Program Director, Jennifer Myers,

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