Learner Information


Course Description

  • The SingFit STUDIO Essentials for Cognitive Decline - Professional training course consists of a series of pre-recorded training modules that can be accessed at the convenience of the learner.
  • This course, which is at the introductory related level, will provide learners with a step-by-step protocol for using SingFit STUDIO Pro, a 1:1 therapeutic singing intervention designed by music-therapists. This course will teach learners how to use the protocol to support therapeutic outcomes through singing, as well as how to implement therapeutic strategies to effectively engage clients with cognitive decline through music. An overview of the science and research behind the benefits of singing for people with and without cognitive decline will be provided. Learners will also be given a walk through of the SingFit app and music library.
  • The training focuses primarily on how to address the needs of people in earlier stages of cognitive decline, including mild cognitive impairment (MCI), mild dementia, and moderate dementia. However, at the end of the training, a protocol reference guide that outlines how SingFit STUDIO can be effectively used with those who are in the later stages of their dementia journey is also provided.
  • A majority of the course content is presented in the context of using the SingFit STUDIO app, no other similar products or services are discussed. Purchase of the SingFit STUDIO app is required in order to take the SingFit STUDIO Essentials for Cognitive Decline - Professional training course for .1 ASHA CEUs. Once the SingFit STUDIO app has been purchased, customers will be automatically registered (for free) for the training course and will receive an email with the link to download the app, a link to access the training, and the username and password assigned to them.

General Agenda

  1. Introduction (7 minutes)
  2. Science of Singing (6 minutes)
  3. Overview of the SingFit STUDIO Intervention (6 minutes)
  4. SingFit Technology (9 minutes)
  5. SingFit Protocol to Engage Clients in Singing & Conversation (21 minutes)
  6. Therapeutic Strategies (18 minutes)

Learner Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify the skill areas that the SingFit STUDIO Pro intervention (a therapeutic music tool) can support
  • Order the steps of a music therapy-based protocol to get clients singing, reminiscing, and conversing on a regular basis
  • Interpret how to apply three therapeutic strategies to potential/realistic client scenarios
  • Identify at least 3 ways singing impacts the brain and the body to improve health

Satisfactory Completion Requirements

  • In order to earn ASHA CEUs for completion of the course, Speech and Language Pathologists must:
    • Watch all video modules
    • Pass all 5 module quizzes (80% or higher)
    • Complete the Learner Self-Assessment/Course Evaluation at the end of the training (which gathers the attendee’s first and last name, ASHA ID, as well as the ASHA registered email address and physical address.)
  • Learners completion of Learning Outcomes will be determined by their completion of the quizzes and Self-Assessment/Course Evaluation.
  • Participant information and completion of course will be submitted by Speech, Language, and Educational Associates to the ASHA CE Registry at the end of each calendar month.
  • Learners will be notified if they have not met all satisfactory completion requirements.
  • Partial credit is not provided.

Target Audience and Prerequisites

  • This course is for Speech and Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists working with clients with cognitive decline. This 1-hour course offers .1 ASHA CEUs.
  • Purchase of SingFit STUDIO Pro is required for registration of the online training for ASHA CEUs.
  • To take the course, access to wifi is required, and use of a laptop or desktop computer is highly encouraged.
  • This is an introductory level course - besides the aforementioned requirements, there are no other prerequisites for taking this training.


Learning Environment and Support Policies

  • This course is in a self-study learning format in which the primary content delivery method is a series of pre-recorded video modules that will be accessed via a computer. The speed of the video modules can be adjusted to slow down or increase the rate of the video. Detailed guides regarding the content of the training can be downloaded at the end of the course. If additional accommodations are needed to complete the course, please email STUDIO@singfit.com.

Refund Policy

  • Registration for the course is free, following the purchase of the app. There will be no refunds for the app.
  • There are no scheduling conflicts with the course: the course includes a set of pre-recorded video modules that can be accessed and completed at any time.

Complaint Policy

  • The Learner Self-Assessment/Course Evaluation at the end of the training is designed to give attendees the opportunity to share their feedback about the course. If attendees have any complaints about the course, please make sure to complete the evaluation. Additionally, complaints about the course may be emailed to STUDIO@SingFit.com. If a complaint is submitted to Musical Health Technologies (the cooperative organization) regarding the content of the The SingFit STUDIO Essentials for Cognitive Decline - Professional training course, MHT will review the complaint. If multiple attendees file a complaint regarding the same content component, the ASHA Approved CE Provider (SLEA) will be notified and the complaints will be evaluated in context of the ASHA requirements. If deemed necessary, MHT and SLEA will work together to update the training to resolve the attendee complaint.

Speaker/Instructor Biographies

Andy Tubman

  • Biography:
    • Andy Tubman is the co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Musical Health Technologies. He is a board-certified music therapist, who graduated from Temple University, and has over 20 years of experience developing innovative techniques that help clients achieve their therapeutic goals. A graduate of the Temple University Music Therapy department, Andy has over 20 years of clinical and research experience working with various populations, including people with cognitive decline, neurological disorders, and autism spectrum disorder. Andy contributed and co-led quality improvement projects with several researchers including Connie Tomanio at Beth Abraham Health Services. Andy created the SingFit PRIME and STUDIO interventions to scale music as medicine. He has spent years conducting music therapy sessions and SingFit sessions with residents 65+ with dementia at over 300 senior care communities. He has additionally provided in-person consultations and 1:1/small group training for over 500 staff at senior living communities.
    • ​​​​​​Andy travels to consult with medical systems internationally on implementing music as medicine and is a frequent speaker on the intersection of music and health at conferences that include, the American Telemedicine Association, AgeTech West, LeadingAge (both national and many, state level conferences), Senior Living 100 and the International Council on Aging. Andy has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, the Los Angeles Business Journal, USA Today and Billboard Magazine.
  • Financial Relationships:
    • Andy Tubman is the co-founder at Musical Health Technologies and takes a monthly salary from the company. He holds stock and ownership in the company. Andy Tubman is the founder and owner of IMTS. He takes a minimal stipend monthly for managing and supervising a team of music therapists. He receives compensation for intermittent speaking engagements at conferences (some in-kind and some paid).
    • For his non-music therapy related musical compositions, Andy Tubman receives quarterly royalty payments from PRO BMI for everything from digital streaming to film and TV royalties.
  • Non-Financial Relationships:
    • Andy is a board-certified music therapist, who graduated from Temple University, and has over 20 years of experience developing innovative techniques that help clients achieve their therapeutic goals. Andy has worked with hundreds of people with Alzheimer’s, including his mother.

Brad Colton

  • Biography:
    • Brad Colton is the sound engineer/music producer at Musical Health Technologies. Brad received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from California State University Long Beach (now the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music), graduating as a top student in the music department. As an Engineer/Producer, he has worked at Eagle Rock Studios, Filthy Audio, and Eye 8 Music. Brad is an expert in SingFit technology, having worked on the platform since its inception (2012), and proviading the technology training since 2017.
  • Financial Relationships :
    • Brad Colton is a salaried employee at Musical Health Technologies.
    • Brad Colton is the founder and owner of Dirty Hollywood, a sole proprietor music production company. Brad Colton receives quarterly royalty payments from ASCAP and BMI for digital streaming and licenses for his musical compositions.
  • Non-Financial Relationships:
    • Brad Colton has no nonfinancial relationships to disclose.