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Musical Health Technologies Selected To Speak At AARP’s AgeTech Summit at CES 2023

Co-Founder and CEO Rachel Francine Will Speak on Saturday, January 7 at AARP’s Booth #52332 at the Venetian Expo Center

Las Vegas, NV (January 7, 2023)Musical Health Technologies, the world’s largest technology company using active music to help manage cognitive and mental health conditions, will be featured on AARP’s AgeTech Summit’s panel BBC Founders: The Power of Story at CES 2023. Co-Founder and CEO Rachel Francine will speak about the company’s experience working with the internationally respected media organization, talk about Musical Health Technologies’ founding story and discuss its upcoming SingFit 2.0 digital health platform. The session will be at AARP’s AgeTech Booth #52332 at the Venetian Expo Center at 2pm.

SingFit is a group therapeutic music solution that demonstrates how active singing can improve the cognitive, physical and mental health of everyone including older adults. Over 500 long-term care communities across the United States have incorporated the program. It is also currently available for at-home caregivers through its multiple platforms, including SingFit PRIME and SingFit STUDIO Caregiver.

According to Musical Health Technologies’ Chief Clinical Officer and certified Music Therapist, Andy Tubman, “We’re transforming the way people think about cognitive health. Our ground-breaking technology provides person-centered care through individualized therapeutic music sessions based on the user’s health condition, preferences, and targeted therapeutic goals. At the center of all SingFit offerings is a unique Lyric Coach who prompts the lyric of a song to the participant right before they need to sing so that therapeutic music is available to just about everyone including people with dementia, autism spectrum disorders, low vision and other neurological challenges.”

SingFit 2.0 will launch in March where algorithms will utilize historical and real-time user data to produce the optimal therapeutic experience and outcomes. Musical Health Technologies’ proprietary song tagging process classifies songs by analyzing hundreds of musical, cognitive, and psychological factors associated with known therapeutic benefits. Machine learning increases the accuracy of SingFit’s algorithms both within and in subsequent sessions and provides a framework for understanding the mechanisms of therapeutic music.

“No other digital music platform has the capability for data capture & metadata tracking for its entire library tied to specific health conditions,” stated Francine. “Every element of the SingFit platform is driven by an evidence-based, interdisciplinary approach using the fundamentals of music therapy as guiding principles. A remarkable tool for caregivers and therapists alike, we are committed to shaping the future of wellness to be accessible to all.”

The digital health platform is supported by research from Harvard Medical School, the U.S. National Institute of Health, the UK’s National Health Services and other institutions. Recent studies have shown that participants using SingFit’s digital platforms:

  • Mood has increased between 29-35% pre-to-post SingFit sessions (measured by 5-point Likert Scale).

  • Caregivers rated individuals’ engagement during SingFit sessions at 4 out of 5 based on the 5-point Likert Scale and 87% of those individuals actively sang during these sessions.

  • Participants shared thoughts or stories in 77% of the sessions.

The connection achieved throughout these sessions often translated into more engagement and conversation with patients and loved ones, even after the SingFit experience.

Francine and Tubman, who founded SingFit based on an idea their inventor/opera-singing father, Lou Tubman, had in the mid-60s, will also be featured in a BBC segment later this year that addresses the growing correlation between aging and technology. For more information about Musical Health Technologies and SingFit, visit

About Musical Health Technologies

Musical Health Technology was founded in 2016 by Andy Tubman, a certified Music Therapist, and Rachel Francine, a technology industry veteran. They created the health platform SingFit, which combines active singing with music therapy to meet the needs of millions of seniors with cognitive decline. SingFit’s flagship product, SingFit PRIME, is used across 500 communities with 2,600 certified facilitators and more than 32,000 total users. There have been more than 12 million individual SingFit sessions to date.

Musical Health Technology’s SingFit has received multiple awards from AARP, Keck Medical Center of USC the American Telemedicine Association. For more information, visit


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