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Lessons From SingFit's Rollout to 260 Sunrise Communities —Senior Housing News

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

For many senior living tech firms, the holy grail is landing a big national operator as a customer and rolling out across the portfolio. But this is usually easier said than done for even the most innovative companies, as it requires a lot of patience and skill and a dash of luck.

And yet, there are companies which have achieved this sought-after goal. One recent example is Los Angeles-based Musical Health Technologies, which currently offers its SingFit PRIME product in more than 260 Sunrise Senior Living communities across the U.S. As it scaled up with one of the largest providers of senior living in the country, the tech firm learned lessons about the importance of having scalable training and processes, aligning goals, benchmarking successes and maintaining product consistency.

Read the full feature here.


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