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Transforming Healthcare through Therapeutic Music

SingFit STUDIO Pro dynamically improves cognitive health and well-being

Designed for rehab therapists working with older adults experiencing cognitive impairment

Use personalized music to facilitate engagement and progress towards care plan goals

SingFit STUDIO Platform
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Only $14.99/month.

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How Does SingFit Work?

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Music as Medicine

SingFit uses a robust combination of singing,  curated music, and dialogue prompts to improve cognitive and emotional health. SingFit supports SLP, OT, and other therapy-related goals while improving overall well-being.

Innovative Technology

Our core technology analyzes music for dozens of cognitive and psychological factors, so that our revolutionary algorithms can provide the right song for your client’s goals and health condition.

Interdisciplinary Approach

The SingFit Platform is driven by an evidence-based approach using the fundamentals of psychology, speech-language pathology & music therapy as guiding principles.

Supported by Neuroscience

SingFit is based on research showing the benefits of singing for neuroplasticity, cognitive health, and emotional health. Read SingFit’s publications here.

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STUDIO Pro is Designed for SLPs & OTs

SingFit STUDIO Pro is most effective with clients aged 55+ who have cognitive decline or dementia, aphasia or other speech and language challenges.

SingFit STUDIO Caregiver is available for your clients to maintain skills learned in therapy and to support engagement, mood, and cognition at home.

Engage clients demonstrating challenges with:




narrative speech

auditory memory


word production


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Only $14.99/month

SingFit STUDIO Pro Includes:

  • SingFit’s SongPrinting technology

  • Health condition driven algorithms 

  • Personalized program for client’s unique cognitive abilities 

  • Tempo slider to meet client’s speech needs 

  • In-App Data Capture

  • Coding/Reimbursement Guide

  • 700+ Curated Songs

  • Tutorial videos

  • Quality client support

  • Available on iOS and Android devices


Singing is a bi-hemispheric exercise that supports speech and communication and exercises long term memory.


Actively singing helps to positively regulate our levels of mood-elevating, depression-reducing neurochemicals.


Singing promotes motivation, movement and speech leading to improved therapeutic outcomes.

Mom and auntie - Sandy Tubman & Caregive

“Typically her vocal volume is pretty low (in decibels)... her voice is spasmotic” - but when she was singing it was much more fluent and the spasms decreased...I thought this was a godsend for her: all of a sudden her voice got stronger, while she was singing”

—  Kim O, Speech Language Pathologist

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Why use SingFit STUDIO Pro

Clinicians report participants experience a


improvement in mood

Clinicians report participants experience a


 increase in engagement


of SingFit certified facilitators surveyed report improved job satisfaction

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