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Musical Health Technologies

Quantitative & Qualitative Outcomes Overview 

Crafted specifically for the senior care industry, SingFit PRIME™ is a music therapist designed cognitive and physical stimulation program that incorporates singing, movement, trivia and reminiscence for a fully engaging mind/body workout. SingFit PRIME™ is powered by SingFit, a first-of-its-kind iOS mobile app that digitizes the evidence-based music therapy practice of lyric cuing. SingFit’s patented Lyric Coach track makes it possible for practically everyone, including people with dementia, vision impairments and cognitive delays, to sing, record (and share!) their favorite songs. 


With themed playlists featuring classic hits including “Over the Rainbow” and “Blueberry Hill,” SingFit PRIME™ uses beloved tunes to keep residents of senior living communities and recipients of in-home care active, engaged and singing. Currently administered in more than 400 senior living communities as both a group and individual activity, organized studies and staff reports show that implementing a SingFit PRIME™ program produces improvements in residents' moods, anxiety levels, cognition and memory. 


The Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing is a highly respected nonprofit that brings together the residents and staff of senior living communities with research partners and technology companies. The Front Porch Center undertook an eight week study of the SingFit PRIME™ training, technology and protocols at their Claremont Manor Community in Claremont, California. 


Report Summary: “Over the course of 8 weeks, SingFit PRIME™ sessions were very effective with Memory Care and Assisted Living residents. Using a modified facial grimace scale to measure the impact of SingFit, we found that moods improved, memories were revived, and residents were more socially open with the people around them...the staff noted increased levels of engagement among assisted-living residents, and more so with those in memory care. Staff members also indicated that through these SingFit sessions, they were able to better get to know their residents on a deeper and [more] personal level.” 


Front Porch Grimace Scale Results: From the Front Porch Report: “Summer House (memory care) and Assisted Living residents did not fill out a survey about their feedback and expectations on SingFit. Instead, facilitators filled out a modified mood scale using the Wong-Baker Facial Grimace Scale (see figure below) to see how SingFit sessions impacted the residents, whether it would be after one session or over time. Across the three populations, it is clear that moods improved between 1-2 points after each SingFit session.” A lower number indicates an elevated mood. 


Qualitative Data on Benefits Over Time: From a staff report: “Another important finding worth noting was the residents’ ability to maintain their cognitive abilities. From observation, in the first week of the SingFit program at Summer House (memory care) it was very difficult to get the residents to sing or answer the trivia questions. Towards the end of the pilot, there were improvements such as being able to answer trivia questions, remembering song titles and/or lyrics, and being able to recall a personal memory. For example, in the beginning of the program, one resident could not speak clearly when answering trivia questions. Towards the end of the pilot, she was able to complete parts of a song lyric, moved more to the songs, and spoke more coherently.” 


One of the top five Senior Living Communities collected data over 12 weeks in 11 of their locations. The data was from 150 seniors with Dementia singing 3 times per week. SingFit PRIME dramatically increased the mood of residents . Here’s what they observed:

  • 43% on average mood elevation in Memory Care

  • 40% on average mood elevation in Assisted Living


The results were even more dramatic with residents who are consistently very sad at the beginning of sessions:

  • 330% elevation in mood (from very sad to content)

  • On average, residents sing, move, talk and smile often during a SingFit PRIME Session

  • 89% “sang often” during a SingFit PRIME Session


Feedback from facilitators on the effect of SingFit PRIME on residents was positive and constructive on ease of implementation and acceptance of the program.


In Assisted Living & Community Care: SingFit PRIME™ customers represent the most innovative and respected dementia care service providers in the country. Below are reports from front line staff on how the SingFit PRIME™ program, powered by the SingFit iOS mobile app, creates positive outcomes for their residents. 


“Some of the people that hardly talk, they sing along to songs with SingFit. I have found that if a resident is agitated, SingFit can calm them. SingFit can also wake people up and aids sleep irregularities (for people who tend to sleep through activities all day). It helps residents who pace a lot to focus and participate even in the activities that come later in the day.”  
— Chris Saario, Memory Care Life Enrichment Director at Aegis Living of Marymoor 


“I read about SingFit in the AARP Bulletin that we receive monthly. I downloaded it on my iPad and played with it myself and brought it over to my mom at her skilled nursing facility. It was a huge hit. Now that my mother has passed, I cherish the recordings we made together with the SingFit app. Thank you.”   
— Diana Spearman, 57 


"Singing with guided lyrics makes singing songs we are not familiar with a lot easier. The musical part of the song helps to trigger the lyrics in the residents’ heads before the words start to be sung. Great program all around providing a boost in energy during the day.”
— Brittney Carson, Country Side Living.

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