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Celebrating Music as Medicine

“Throughout my journey as an artist, I’ve been so struck by music’s power to heal and transform lives. So many people, after performances, tell me that my music helped them through an illness or loss. The arts humanize us and bind us to each other.” -  Renee Fleming, opera singer

Happy Music Week! We’re so encouraged by national and international events that celebrate music, but also music as medicine. Music serves as the universal language connecting people worldwide. Not only does its profound influence foster peace and harmony, active participation in music-making is beneficial for cognitive health and well-being. Research has shown that music can help increase brain function and support neuroplasticity. 

Research has also proven that regular singing helps reduce anxiety, depression, agitation and aggression in some participants with dementia. Selena Gomez spoke about how music has supported her during her own struggles with mental health, in a conversation with Arianna Huffington at Universal Music’s Music + Health conference this past September.

Image source: The Power of Music to Improve Our Health on Thrive Global

In efforts to explore music’s effects on the brain and body, Renee Fleming, an opera singer and Artistic Advisor-at-Large to the Kennedy Center, spearheaded the Sound Health Initiative in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health (NIH).​ She and the NIH’s former director, Dr. Francis Collins, are advancing new findings through a variety of collaborations. “Music actually is in every known mapped part of the brain. So it's extraordinarily diverse and throughout the entire brain, as we know, as we currently understand it”, Fleming said in a recent interview.

SingFit supports successful singing in order to improve cognitive well-being, speech and language, and emotional health. Co-Founder and CEO Rachel Francine will be speaking on The Probable, Possible and Preferable Futures of Music as Medicine at the International Association for Music and Medicine’s (IAMM) conference in Berlin, September 18- 21, 2024. Click here to learn more.

Music as medicine is thriving and is definitely something to be celebrated. With SingFit’s innovative solutions, we are turning music into effective, affordable, and highly distributable medicine. SingFit’s mission is to deliver greater neurological, physiological, emotional, and societal health to people of all ages and cultures. Visit our website at for more information. We hope you have a wonderful music week and beyond!


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