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Our S.I.N.G. Initiative

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

We are proud to announce SingFit’s Inclusivity Neighborhood Grant (S.I.N.G.), to assist those in need. Launching in November 2023, S.I.N.G. works to increase availability and accessibility of therapeutic music for cognitive health and wellness. Up to three community-based nonprofit organizations who primarily serve marginalized high-risk populations with cognitive decline will receive access to our SingFit STUDIO digital health platform or our SingFit TV solution at no cost to promote health equity through music.

Interested community organizations will need to complete a two-phase application process to receive up to one SingFit product (STUDIO or TV) and related equipment for a 12-month period. Details of the application and selection process can be found below.

Not for profit organizations eligible for the S.I.N.G. grants are those who serve:

  • Older adults (55+)

  • Individuals with low socioeconomic status

  • Individuals from minoritized ethnic and racial groups

  • Individuals with minoritized sexual identities

  • Individuals with limited education

  • Individuals with disabilities

  • Rural-residing individuals

Phase 1: Application

Phase 2: 30-minute Interview

Up to three organizations will be selected based on population(s) served, need, and anticipated benefit.

To learn more about our S.I.N.G. Initiative and to apply, click here.


The S.I.N.G. program is spearheaded by SingFit’s Dr. Jennifer Myers. Jennifer is a medical speech-language pathologist with a PhD in Neuropsychology with over a decade of experience in neurogenic disorders. This November, she will be speaking at the 2023 ASHA Convention with three presentations including Usability Testing of a Digital Therapeutic Music Platform for Cognitive Decline: Processes and Insights, A Novel Digital Therapeutic Music Platform for Individuals with Cognitive-Communication Disorders: Focus Group Findings, and An Innovative Digital Therapeutic Music Platform for Caregivers of Persons with Dementia. Jennifer will also be receiving an award for Early Career Contributions in Research at the ASHA Convention.

While three organizations is a drop in the bucket with so many individuals and families struggling with dementia and its associated diseases, we consider this just a first step in making music as medicine accessible to all who need it.

Rachel Francine

CEO and Co-Founder of SingFit


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