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SingFit & Sunrise Announce Groundbreaking Deal

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

We are excited to announce the nationwide rollout of SingFit PRIME with Sunrise Senior Living, the third largest provider of assisted living and memory care services in the United States.

You may have seen the press release; if you have not, you can read it here: Sunrise Senior Living and SingFit Strike a Chord with Therapeutic Music.

SingFit PRIME is now at all 260 Sunrise Senior Living Communities in 31 states, bringing the benefits of therapeutic music to an additional 17,000 people. Want to learn more about bringing SingFit PRIME to your community?

This unprecedented opportunity has allowed SingFit to develop and streamline a strong training and implementation process for assisted living and memory care communities, skilled nursing facilities and hospitals, which is beneficial for our existing and future partners.

As a result of this partnership, SingFit was also able to collect additional data demonstrating that a digital therapeutic, that is based on music therapy best practices, ubiquitous technology and online training, can be delivered by in-house teams, providing multiple benefits for people over 65, including those with dementia, as well as facilitators of the program.

In studies conducted with various SingFit partners, we have found:

  • a 43% elevation in mood per resident per SingFit Session

  • a significant increase in participant engagement and focus as well as significant reductions in anxiety and wandering

  • an increase in job satisfaction of the Certified SingFit PRIME facilitators

  • a consensus, by 100% of those who took the survey, that SingFit PRIME sessions are beneficial for their participants.

We are so grateful to the Sunrise team and our all clients who allow us to bring therapeutic music to over 26,000 people on a weekly basis which means we often get to come into work to read reports like this:

“Residents who find it difficult to concentrate on one thing for a significant period of time become captivated while participating in SingFit. We observe that residents, who formerly presented minimal verbal skills, sing full sentences, and residents, who tend to make physically repetitive movements, slow down to begin following our movements,” said Lindsey Mesmer, activities and volunteer coordinator, Sunrise at Pinehurst, CO. “

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Rachel Francine and Andy Tubman

Co-Founders, Musical Health Technologies


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