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Music's Ability to Bring People Together

Nothing pleases me more than when a couple of my favorite things come together unexpectedly. This happened recently, when on season 2, episode 9 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the starship Enterprise encounters a fold in subspace that literally results in the crew breaking into song whenever they are feeling particularly emotional (and yes, even Spock gets a solo). While the episode does not delve into the healing powers of music, it does delve into music's seemingly universal ability to bring people together, one of my more favorite subjects. For those who are a fan of Star Trek, I recommend the episode (and the whole series). For those who prefer to get their information on the universality of song, I suggest the following books:

The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin - Chatwin takes us on a beautiful and sometimes vexing investigation into aboriginal cultures of Australia and the belief that we sing the world into existence, everyday.

The World in Six Songs by Dr. Daniel Levitin - With a mixture of evolution, biology, and cutting-edge neurology, Levitin argues that it is music which is responsible for the evolution of all human beings.

Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain by Dr. Oliver Sacks - In his inimitable, tender style, Sacks uncovers stories of how the brain and music interact under normal and extraordinary circumstances.

And yes, Live Long and Prosper,

Rachel Francine

CEO and Co-Founder

Musical Health Technologies


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